Computer Science

Tutoring and Mentoring for First Year's Students

We care for our students and work hard to provide them with optimal studying conditions. Students should feel comfortable at JKU and should get a maximum value out of their study.

In our mentoring programme first year's students are advised individually by JKU professors. Students get to know their professors who provide them with firsthand hints and serve as a contact person if any problems occur. In addition to the mentoring programme there is a tutoring programme, where students from higher semesters meet with first year's students and guide them through the first weeks of their study.

How it works

At the beginning of every winter semester, students build small groups in one of the first lectures. Every group is assigned a tutor (a student from a higher semester) who shows them the university, helps in the selection or courses, and gives practical hints about lectures and practicals. Tutoring groups are also a means for socializing. They help making friends in the very first days at the university.

Every tutoring groups is also assigned a mentor, i.e. a Computer Science professor. After a few weeks the tutoring group meets with its mentor who will advise this group during the first year of study. The mentor serves as a contact person who answers questions and helps solving problems quickly and unbureaucratically.

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