Computer Science

Computer Science Admissions at JKU

The general admission rules and procedures are described here. Please read them carefully and follow the steps described there. In addition to the general rules, this page describes information that is specifically relevant for Computer Science.

Admission to the Bachelor's Program

For being admitted to the Bachelor's program in Informatik you need a high school diploma (Matura, Abitur). The details of the admission procedure are described here. Please note, that the Bachelor's program is mainly in German, so you need a good knowledge of the German language (B2+ level if not a native speaker).

Admission to the Master's Program

For being admitted to the Master's program in Computer Science you need a Bachelor degree in Computer Science or in a similar field. Your Bachelor's program should cover at least 80% of our Bachelor's program (see our Bachelor's curriculum and our credit transfer form). In order to check this, we need a description of your curriculum or at least a transcript of the courses that you attended, including the duration of these courses (hours per week or hours per semester) as well as a short description of the course contents. For detailed information please see the admission FAQs.

Admission to the PhD Program

A PhD study at JKU is a research project. You have to come up with an idea for a PhD topic and describe it in a research proposal of about 5 pages. The proposal should explain the state of the art in the respective field, and how your research would extend this state of the art. Before you apply for admission, please contact one of our professors and discuss your research plan with him or her. Please note, that your application needs a letter of a professor, stating that he or she agrees to supervise your PhD thesis.

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