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Differences between the PhD curricula 2021 and 2018

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As of WS 2021/22, the so-called "Structured Doctorate" was introduced at JKU. The general rules are described in §§ 37, 37a and 37b of the statutes on study law (Satzungsteil Studienrecht, ST-StR). For the PhD Program in Technical Sciences, these rules are specialized in the corresponding curriculum. For Computer Science (Dissertationsfach Informatik), the most important changes are described below (see underlining):

  • Before admission to the PhD Program (§ 2 Curriculum), students need a provisional confirmation of supervision (provisorische Betreuungszusage). If such a confirmation is missing, the suitability for carrying out the dissertation must be determined by a committee. The following documents may be required to determine suitability: CV, list of publications, proof of previous research or professional practice, letter of motivation, outline of ideas. The application process is described here.
  • The dissertation has to be supervised by 2 supervisors (not just 1 as before). The supervisors must have a habilitation or a comparable qualification. Tenure-track professors can also be supervisors if they have already concluded a qualification agreement (Qualifizierungsvereinbarung) and have the necessary background in the dissertation topic. For tenure-track professors and external supervisors, approval by the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs is required. The main supervisor (Erstbetreuer*in) must have a habilitation and should belong to the JKU. The supervisors have to be assigned in the Dissertation Agreement (see below).
  • The following courses (19.5 ECTS) must be completed as part of the dissertation:
    - Dissertation Colloquium (4.5 ECTS, usually in the 2nd or 3rd semester)
    - 2 Dissertation Seminars (4.5 ECTS each)
    - Pre-Defense (4.5 ECTS, usually 1 year before graduation)
    - Gender Course (1.5 ECTS)
    In the Dissertation Colloquium (§ 6 Curriculum) and in the Pre-Defense, the dissertation project (respectively its status) must be presented to the Computer Science Department and is assessed by an examination senate of 3 persons.
  • After the Dissertation Colloquium (possibly even before), a Dissertation Agreement (Dissertationsvereinbarung) must be signed by the student and the supervisors and must be submitted to the Vice Rector of Academic Affairs via the PAS (see § 37a ST-StR).
  • After submitting the PhD thesis, 1 official review as well as a statement of the supervisors are obtained by the Vice Rector of Academic Affairs.
  • The dissertation is assessed (§ 9 Curriculum) in a Defense by an examination senate consisting of 4 persons (from different institutes):
    - Chairperson (typically Prof. Josef Küng as the person in charge of this procedure)
    - One of the supervisors
    - Reviewer
    - One additional examiner according to § 37(2) ST-StR (not one of the supervisors)
  • The Defense consists of a presentation by the student (30 minutes) followed by a discussion and questions about the dissertation. It usually lasts 1.5 hours and must not exceed 2 hours

Students who were admitted to the Doctoral Program in Technical Sciences up to and including the summer semester 2021 may complete their studies until 30 September 2026 according to the regulations of the old curriculum.

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