Computer Science

FAQs for being admitted to the Master's program in Computer Science

See also the general information on the web pages of the admissions office.

What are the general requirements?

For being admitted to the Master's program in Computer Science you need a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or in a similar field. Your Bachelor's program should cover at least 80% of our Bachelor's program (see our Bachelor's curriculum). Equivalence between degree programs is checked during the application process. Differences between programs can be compensated by replacing one or more courses from the Complementary Subject with courses specified in the notification of admission. If equivalence cannot be fully established the notification of admission can require additional courses with up to 20 ECTS points.

Graduates of the JKU Bachelor's programs Informatik are admitted without application. Graduates of other Computer-Science-related Bachelor's programs at Austrian universities are generally admitted, but have to apply. Graduates of the JKU Bachelor's programs Artificial Intelligence, Wirtschaftsinformatik and Elektronik and Informationstechnik are admitted but have to take certain courses as part of their Complementary Subject in the Master's program.

Do I need a certain GPA value or an English language certificate?

Currently, we don't require a specific GPA (grade point average) value. However, you need an English language certificate of level B2 or higher (see here).

What ist the application procedure and what documents are necessary?

This depends on the Bachelor's program that you did and where you did it (at JKU, in Austria or abroad). For a detailed description of the process and the necessary documents, please see here.

Where should I send my application to?

Please send your application to:

    Johannes Kepler University
    Admissions Office
    Altenbergerstraße 69
    4040 Linz

For questions regarding the admission procedure please contact the Admissions Office.

When does the program start?

The regular Master's program starts every winter semester. In exceptional cases you may also enter the program in the summer semester.

    Winter semester: October 1 - January 31
    Summer semester: March 1 - June 30

When is the application deadline?

The application deadline is September 5 (for the winter semester) and February 5 (for the summer semester). Please apply several months earlier, because processing the application needs some time. For non-EU citizens, the application process can take even more than 6 months, because a lot of documents have to be checked and verified.

What is the tuition fee?

Information about the tuition fees can be found here (scroll down to "Tuition Fees").

What about student dormitories?

There are a couple of dormitories around the campus (see here).

When will I be notified about admission?

Your application will be reviewed by the Admissions Office and the coordinator of the degree program. Please submit your application as early as possible because the review process may take several months (especially for non-EU citizens). If all admission criteria are met you will receive a letter with the official notification of admission.

Where can I get further information?

Further information regarding the admission process can be obtained from the Admissions Office.

For technical questions regarding the Master's program (not the admission process) please look at the web pages of the Master's program in Computer Science or contact the head of the curriculum committee.

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